Palace of the Fields is a new musical theatre production based on the 1992-1995 siege of Sarajevo. This is a ninety-minute performance in three acts without intermission.

Palace of the Fields is set in Sarajevo, a metropolitan city that had always boasted about its multi-ethnic culture, a place where residents easily lived, worked, and played amongst churches, cathedrals, as well as mosques. Ethnic Serb Tomislav and Muslim Samira grew up together as friends in Sarajevo, fell in love, and now want to marry. They are hindered now by the Bosnian war between Serbs, Muslims, and Croatians. The couple chooses to leave the city but must defy their families and friends, as well as risk their lives to do so.

Translated loosely, Sarajevo is Turkish for "Palace of the Fields." The musical is not intended to be an historical account of the 1992-1995 siege, but is instead a representation of what life may have been like in Sarajevo during this war.


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